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As an employee, you might be exposed to having an injury, depending on your job. If you have had a workplace injury, then more than likely you can file a workers’ compensation claim. It is common that in some cases, employees can also file a third-party claim. Sometimes employees can use third-party liability, depending on the injury and situation. In Texas, employers are able to choose whether or not to provide workers’ compensation insurance. This means that the compensation will also depend on your employer or on the agreement that you had with your employer when you started working in the company. For many years our team at Guerra Law firm has dealt with these kinds of cases and so we recommended that injured employees seek legal help as soon as they can. As soon as our team gets the details of your case, we will act quickly to protect your right to get compensation.

Workplace Injury Attorney in Three Rivers-Sometimes employers will do everything in their power to avoid paying their injured employees. This includes paying for medical bills amongst other things. Even if employers do payout, it may be far less than what an employee is actually entitled to. This is why it is important to contact a knowledgeable attorney who understands the rights of employees. Furthermore, hiring a Texas workplace injury lawyer to handle your case is very important. Our team is ready to begin assisting employees injured at their workplace in obtaining the necessary and deserved workplace injury compensation.

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As we mentioned before, our expertise in these kinds of cases allows us to know how the law works. Even though filing a workers’ compensation claim might seem complex and tedious, you wouldn’t have to worry since our team knows what they are doing. Contact our experts today and get a free consultation for your workplace injury case.

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