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Over millions of Americans suffer a brain injury every year, whether a Traumatic Brain Injury, a closed head injury, a skull fracture, depressed skull damage, or a brain hemorrhage. Furthermore, 80,000 people have long-term disabilities as a result of an injury.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in San Marcos-Brain trauma is often caused by a direct hit to the head, which can bruise the brain and injure its internal structures and blood vessels. A brain injury can range in severity from a minor concussion to serious damage that could end in a coma or even death. If you or someone you know have been victims of a brain injury due to someone else’s carelessness contact Guerra Law Firm for a free consultation. Our team can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The causes of a traumatic brain injury will influence whether or not a lawsuit may be launched. These injuries may occur in several scenarios and it is essential that our team identifies the reason for the injury and we can help you determine who is responsible for your injury. The following are some common causes of traumatic brain injuries:

  • Slips and Falls
  • Sports or Recreation
  • Auto Accidents
  • Medical Negligence
  • Workplace Accidents
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What Are The Different Forms of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Brain damage can occur in one of two ways:
Closed Brain Damage: Closed brain injuries occur when there is a nonpenetrating lesion to the brain but without a break in the skull. Closed brain injuries are often caused by vehicle accidents, falls, or sports. 
Penetrating Brain Damage: Penetrating or open head injuries occur when a crack in the skull, such as when a gunshot, pierces the brain.

How can Guerra Law Firm Assist You?

Traumatic Brain Injuries in San Marcos-Our head injury attorneys can assist traumatic brain injury clients in obtaining financial compensation for their injuries. Head injury law situations can provide major and difficult legal concerns.

Our team can help you demonstrate the damages in your case. Because serious brain injuries can affect a person’s life in various ways, each situation is unique. Our team accurately examines the facts underlying your injury.
Depending on your case, our attorneys will need to be able to determine a wide range of damages. Damages may include the following:

  • Past and future medical care
  • Lost income and future earning potential
  • Suffering and discomfort
  • Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation services
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
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