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Terminating or removing parental rights implies that the person’s rights as a parent are withdrawn, which indicates that the person is no longer the legal parent of the child/children. The following conditions may happen if parents don’t have parental rights anymore.

  • The kid can be adopted without the consent of the parents.
  • The parent’s name will be struck off the child’s birth certificate.
  • The parent would no longer be required to pay child support.
  • Generally, the parent has no legal right to speak or visit the child.
  • Judges take parental rights termination very seriously. On the other hand, judges do not terminate a parent’s rights unless there is a compelling basis.

Who Can Bring Lawsuit For The Termination Of The Parental Rights

The following individuals and organizations may also bring a lawsuit for the termination of parental rights:

  • The person or estate of the child’s guardian.
  • The kid gets the action with an authorized representative’s assistance (a guardian or an attorney).
  • A governing organization.
  • A registered child-placing agency.

Can A Parent Relinquish Their Rights?

Normally, no. The judges expect the child’s parents to offer financial and emotional assistance. You cannot surrender your parental rights to avoid paying child support or dealing with a kid’s behavioral issues. If someone else has petitioned to terminate your rights, or if someone else wishes to adopt the kid, you can voluntarily renounce your parental rights. However, you will generally always be required to appear in court to do so.

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What Are The Justifications For Terminating A Parent’s Rights?

A judge can terminate parental rights for a variety of reasons, including:


    This is the conduct that indicates the parent’s intention to give up all of the child’s rights. In general, this implies that the parents have not provided financial assistance to the kid and have not spoken with the child for at least six months for no apparent reason.

    Parental Adjustment Failure

    Termination of Parental Rights San Marcos-If CPS takes a kid from the family, the parents have only a limited amount of time to address the reasons for the child’s removal. If parents fail to fix these difficulties in a “reasonable period,” the state may seek to withdraw their parental rights.


    It signifies that the parents have not met the child’s requirements, including shelter, food, education, medical care, and any special care required.

    Sexual Abuse

    If a kid is created for sexual abuse and the parents are convicted of sexual abuse, their parental rights may be terminated.

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