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At Guerra Law Firm our sexual assault attorneys help victims of sex crimes. These sex crimes can include sexual assault, sex trafficking, molestation, hazing, abuse of minors, rape, amongst other things. Our team strives to get justice to the victims and persecute sex traffickers, abusers, and other predators as well as enablers.  Our attorneys have helped victims of rape, sexual assault, molestation, and other criminal acts to seek compensation for what they have gone through. 

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Even though each case is different, it is crucial that each case is reviewed by a sexual assault lawyer to determine the actual potential statute of limitations. At Guerra Law Firm we take these cases very seriously because we understand the severity of the pain that the victims have gone through. At the same time, we strive to seek justice especially if it has to do with minors. It is important that we gather all the evidence that would allow us to build up the victim’s case. If you and your family find yourselves dealing with a sexual abuse case, contact an experienced sexual assault lawyer. We can help you provide strong representation on sexual assault, abuse, and molestation claims, and make sure to bring you justice and compensation.

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