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A green card is a legal document that allows an immigrant or foreign citizen to stay permanently in the United States. Before trying to understand how to gain a green card, you need an immigration lawyer who understands the procedures and can not only assist you professionally but also keep you up to date with immigration law changes. Immigration regulations are complicated, but having an attorney who can keep you up to date on the status of your residence can provide easy solutions to complex immigration issues. Our attorneys at Guerra Law Firm can explain what needs to be done to help you reach your goal of gaining permanent residence in the U.S. There are various ways for an immigrant to receive a green card, including applying for one through a child 21 years of age or older, marrying a U.S citizen, through an employer, refugee status, asylum or humanitarian program. To be sure, acquiring a green card is a difficult, time-consuming, and complex procedure, especially without the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney. Though obtaining permanent residence is a goal for many immigrants, it is crucial to understand that permanent resident status can be revoked. Permanent resident status may not be recovered if a green card holder abandons it by traveling abroad for extended periods of time. Additionally, If a green card holder is convicted of a criminal offense or a criminal immigration offense, his or her permanent resident status may be withdrawn, and possibly be deported. 

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After becoming a U.S. resident for a few years, residents will qualify to become citizens. After meeting all the requirements, our law firm will submit a citizenship application. Later if the application is accepted, a resident will be able to have the privileges and responsibilities of being a U.S. citizen once naturalized.

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