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Are you seeking permanent residence in the U.S. while being an immigrant? You might need to go through a proper channel that may require a lot of legal and technical paperwork and compilations. A qualified attorney can help you pursue your dream life in the U.S. without facing any legal hindrance. Guerra Law Firm understands all the technical issues. It assists you with immigrant attorneys that help you pursue a legal permanent residence and keep you updated and informed at every step. We understand the complexity and diversity of every immigrant issue and hence can reach you with the most effective and easy perform procedure.

What Is a Green Card?

To live a life full of freedom and equal opportunities, a green card is what you need to look for while you stay in the U.S. Green card is a legal document that allows an immigrant or a foreigner to live in the U.S. as a proper resident with Government’s approved residency. To ensure a permanent and lawful residence in the U.S. while being a foreigner, you must apply for and pursue a green card. Guerra Law Firm is equipped with teams of experienced immigration attorneys that can lead you thoroughly and help you gain a legal document to live in the U.S. permanently.

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Permanent residence Status

Attaining a green card is a dream for many immigrants, but only a few can be able to achieve it. Various reasons are involved in the success of the whole process. Convicted of different immigrant crimes or other criminal offenses can revoke your residence status. Various ways can help you gain a green card or permanent legal residence in the U.S. Some of these include the following;

· Family or marriage.
· Work or business relations.
· Refugee status.

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