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At our Law Firm we believe that victims of stalking, violence, and abuse, deserve justice and protection. Protection orders are very important because it allows survivors or victims to feel a sense of safety. Orders will not be effective, however, if survivors are not provided with a comprehensible and straightforward process for obtaining one. Our team of experts wants to make sure that you and your family live their life feeling safe.

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In most circumstances, a final protection order can be imposed only when there is evidence of past or prospective violence. Furthermore, this means that it is important that our team gathers as much evidence as possible. Our team can also work to get our clients temporary orders if needed. A protection order is normally not granted for more than two years; however, if there is proof of family violence, (felony), substantial bodily injury, and/or two or more previous protective orders, a court may grant an order for more than two years. Domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking are all addressed by protection orders issued by the court.

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