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Experiencing a great life and performing your daily chores while feeling secure is your
very own right. Unfortunately, some people may encounter people who cause you discomfort. To avoid any harmful event, getting protection or a restraining order could help you a lot. Protection orders allow you to avoid being close or in contact with a particular person you do not want to encounter. There are different scenarios where you can get restraining or protection orders. Including protection from family violence and other similar encounters comes under the effects of restriction orders. Our highly qualified attorneys effectively make your life more comfortable by getting restraining orders for you against a particular subject.

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There are different types of protection orders that you can attain given different scenarios.
Sometimes when a case takes too long for the judge to announce a verdict, it’s better to get protection orders to avoid potential harm or damage from the rival party. Partial restriction orders are best for the aforementioned scenes. Guerra Law Firm has been serving for years to make people more secure and comfortable in their own space. Not only humans but protection orders can be achieved for animals if required to protect them. Generally, restriction orders hold legal authenticity for two years. However, in different circumstances, the court can render the orders for more than two years when found severe injuries, family violation evidence, and felony.

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