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Whenever someone buys or uses a product, they want it to function properly and securely. Unfortunately, thousands of individuals are wounded each year due to faulty or harmful products. At Guerra Law Firm we handle product liability cases and assist clients who have been hurt by dangerous products and try to obtain the compensation they deserve. 

When defective items cause people to suffer, they require well-versed product liability attorneys to defend customers from the harm caused by defective products. Whenever a customer gets injured due to a faulty product, several parties may be held accountable for distributing a product they knew or should have known constituted a risk to consumers.

Product Defects And Their Causes

There are three main sorts of flaws that might cause harm to someone:
Design Defects: Defects in a product that is present from the outset, even before it is built, in that something in the product’s design is fundamentally harmful.
Failing to Warn: A product liability claim can also be filed if a manufacturer fails to warn of possible hazards.
Manufacturing Defects: Those that arise during the manufacturing or assembly.
Marketing Flaws: Flaws in how a product is marketed, such as incorrect labeling, insufficient instructions, or inadequate safety warnings.

Different Types Of Product Liability Lawsuits

In general, there are three types of product liability claims which are explained as follows: 
Breach of Warranty: When a product is sold, the buyer relies on two warranties: the express warranty and the implied warranty.
Negligence: The claimant must demonstrate that negligence in the product’s design or production caused their injuries. 
Strict Responsibility: In general, strict liability suits are pursued in product liability proceedings. The injured party is only necessary to establish that a flaw in a product exists and that damage occurred due to the defect.

Who Is Accountable For The Injury Caused By A Faulty Product?

As a general guideline, you should consider all parties engaged in the product’s distribution chain. This implies that any entity connected with a product before it reaches the consumer can be held accountable for a defective product. Typically, three parties can be held accountable:

  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesale
  • Distributor
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    Damages Inflicted In Product Liability Cases

    Injuries caused by faulty products generally result in compensatory, special, or punitive damages. When a product liability case is successful, the plaintiff may be entitled to compensation for the following:

    Medical Expenses and Expenses:

    Serious injuries caused by a faulty or malfunctioning product will require the payment of large medical bills. These funds might be used to pay for pharmacies, hospitals, physicians, and physical therapists. Ongoing medical treatment will need further medical costs, such as protracted hospital stays or prescription drugs.

    Wage Loss:

    When someone is critically injured and disabled, they will not perform their usual work duties depending on the injury. At times injured employees will not be able to work at all in certain circumstances. This will inevitably result in a pay loss. 

    Disability Cost:

    In certain cases, the injured individual can become disabled for the rest of their life. This will result in continued medical costs and wage loss for the remainder of the person’s life.

    Property Loss:

    In certain circumstances, certain products might also cause property damage. Instead, a product failure or defective product might have resulted in physical harm to your property or land. In this scenario, the plaintiff may be entitled to compensation for the cost of replacing or restoring the lost property.

    Non-Economic Loss Damages for Pain and Suffering:

    The first form of noneconomic loss damages compensation for pain and suffering caused by faulty or malfunctioning goods. Naturally, putting a monetary value on pain and suffering is difficult, but that is what the courts will seek to do if you are awarded these damages in a product liability lawsuit.

    Product Liability in San Marcos-Obtaining The Services Of A Product Liability Attorney

    Engaging an attorney before claiming damages in a product liability case is critical. Many manufacturers and product designers often have sufficient resources to contest the lawsuit you make against them. Recovering fair compensation may be a legal fight so that any error might jeopardize your entire claim. Only a professional attorney can assist you with organizing what damages you deserve and wish to suit for, as well as filing the necessary papers to bring your case to court.

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