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The products we use every day place a great deal of trust in the people who manufacture them. It’s a shame when some companies don’t take that responsibility seriously — whether it be automotive parts or pharmaceutical drugs, manufacturers sometimes cut corners and prioritize profit over safety.

If you’ve become a victim of defective products, our team can help you. Our attorneys and staff are passionate about representing clients who have sustained injuries as a result of using dangerous or faulty products from manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, or retailers. Additionally, we are experts in product liability law and have handled numerous cases involving defective products causing harm or death to many individuals and families. We understand the importance of providing justice for those who suffer under the weight of damages caused by negligent manufacturers or corporations.

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Types of Product Defects

It is the plaintiff’s responsibility to prove that the product was indeed defective when it comes to product liability. The plaintiff must prove not only that the defect was excessively hazardous, but that the defect was a significant factor in the product’s unreasonably hazardous nature as well. What are some defects that may cause someone to get injured? The following are injury-causing defects categories.

1. Design Defects – In Specifically, in this case, the defect was designed in a way that rendered the product inherently unsafe even before it was manufactured.
2. Manufacturing Defects – In line with the category, this occurs during the product’s manufacturing process.
3. Marketing Defects – An improperly labeled, poorly guided, or inadequately safety precautioned product is marketed.

Parties Responsible for Product Liability

Any party involved in the manufacturing or distribution processes can be liable for a defective product, including:

● The Manufactured.

● Product components are made by the manufacturer.

● Assemblers and/or installers of the product.

● Distributor.

● The selling point for the product was a retail store.

The manufacturer or retail store is responsible for product liability if you purchased the product from them. If, for example, you acquired a defective item at a garage sale, that wouldn’t qualify since the item may have been damaged when the original owner owned it.

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