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A lot of immigrants enter the U.S. illegally or overstay their permits. These people are considered to be illegally present in the country. To qualify for a pardon of Illegal presence, applicants must demonstrate that they are married to a U.S. citizen or resident. It should be noted that even if a pardon of Illegal presence is granted, the immigrant will be allowed to stay in the country longer.

There have been significant modifications to applications for pardons of illegal presence in recent years. Additionally, applicants’ requests might be denied for reasons other than unlawful presence in the United States. Even if the application demonstrates that their family member will face great hardship if they go back to their home country, USCIS has the right to deny a pardon of Illegal presence for other reasons, such as suspicion that the applicant is ineligible owing to:

  • False claim to citizenship in the United States.
  • Smuggled goods.
  • False representation.
  • Returning to the United States illegally, without inspection, admission, or parole following a prior removal or unlawful presence.
  • Having committed or been convicted of federal crimes.
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Pardon of Illegal Presence in Three Rivers-It is important that as your immigration lawyers we prepare a strong request form for our clients. Our team collects documents related to income, medical documents, and employment documents that support your case. If you want to apply for a pardon but you have an order of deportation that has not yet been executed, you must act quickly and hire an immigration lawyer to prevent that from happening. Failure to submit the correct form will result in an application being rejected. Our team at Guerra Law firm will give you the advice to help you with your temporary waiver application.

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