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Any foreign individual who enters the United States without a valid visa or other travel document is regarded to be illegally present in the country. Furthermore, if a visa or other type of permit expires, then the person would be considered as illegally present. If they are discovered to be an illegal immigrant, they may face deportation or removal. According to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), an illegal immigrant who has been in the country for less than one year or more than 180 days and departs voluntarily before removal procedures commence is ineligible for readmission for three years from the date of their leaving. Furthermore, any foreigner who has been unlawfully present in the nation for one year or longer and then departs (or is deported) is inadmissible for 10 years following the date of departure or removal. These are known as the three-year and ten-year bars, respectively.

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A Legal Way Out Of This Predicament

Our attorneys at Guerra Law Firm can help you file for a pardon despite being in the country illegally. Pardons are an underutilized tool that can save certain immigrants from being deported while also providing a road to citizenship. Under the severe immigration rules, there are certain immigrant groups that won’t be able to apply for a pardon. This includes immigrants who have been convicted of a crime. Convictions that can lead to deportation range from felonies to misdemeanors such as shoplifting and marijuana possession.

Pardon of Illegal Presence Attorney in San Marcos-A pardon may be the sole way to avoid deportation for immigrants facing deportation due to a previous conviction. A pardon may also open the door to citizenship for some.
Governors can also utilize their authority to commute or reduce a sentence to save immigrants from being deported. In other situations, reducing a sentence by only one day might differ between remaining in the United States and being deported.

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