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Claim Compensation From An Oil Field Explosion

Because of the large number of drilling locations and employment available, refinery and oil field explosions are prevalent. Victims of falls and explosions may sustain long-term injuries and even lose their lives. If someone is injured due to carelessness or unsafe working conditions, it is critical to retain the legal services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you strive to be on the job, there are always risks that can happen. Risks and accidents happen when employees don’t pay attention, are poorly trained, or have other flaws that lead to an oil field explosion. There are many different types of accidents that can happen, but some of the most typical ones we encounter are falls, being hit by falling equipment, and burns from explosions of wellheads and pressurized tanks. At Guerra Law Firm, our attorneys will aggressively pursue maximum compensation for victims of refinery and oil field explosions, including:

  • Bills for medical and hospital services
  • Transportation costs
  • Suffering and pain
  • Surgical expenses
  • The expense of physical therapy
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Oil Field Explosion in Three Rivers-If you or a loved one has suffered serious work injuries or death as a result of a refinery or oil field explosion and believe it was caused by negligence, our lawyers can assist you. Be mindful of hiring a lawyer who is experienced and will assist you with the legalities, allowing you to only concentrate on your rehabilitation.

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