Oil Field Explosion Attorney in San Marcos-

Workers at oil wells or oil fields have some of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Because of the toxic and unpredictable elements involved, working on an oilfield raises the risk of danger and the possibility of harm.
An oil rig worker may sustain injuries from lacerations and broken bones to amputation, paralysis, blindness, or even brain damage. Unfortunately, careless coworkers and even employers can cause catastrophic injuries to the employees.

What to Do In An Oil Field Accident Or Explosion?

Stop working right away and hire an experienced attorney.
Notify your doctor as soon as possible if you have been injured.
Request emergency medical attention from a doctor.
Do not provide a formal statement, sign ANY paperwork, or receive any money from the employer (other than your regular salary).

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Do You Require The Services Of An Oil Field Accident Lawyer?

For over a decade our team at Guerra Law Firm has helped many of our clients get the compensation they deserve. Additionally, our attorneys always look out for the best of our client’s interests. If you try to bargain with the insurance on your own, they can try to take advantage of you by providing you less money than you deserve. When you have an experienced attorney like our team, the insurance will not be able to deceive you into accepting a poor settlement.

To make sure that you would receive the most compensation possible, we may take the following steps:

  • Look into your accident.
  • Collect all accessible information.
  • Examine your medical records.
  • Determine a reasonable amount of damages to be sought.
  • Make a deal with the insurance company.
  • If required, take your case to trial.
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