Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Marcos-

If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, you are more likely to get catastrophic injuries since most of the time bikers get the worst injuries in an accident. Bikers are 29 times more likely than automobile passengers to die or get injured in an accident. Furthermore, When a motorcycle gets hit by a car, truck, or another big vehicle, the consequences can be disastrous.

Whenever you or your loved ones have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you must have the correct team of legal specialists on your side. For over a decade, our team has helped hundreds of people recover reimbursement for losses following a motorcycle accident. Additionally, we have helped injured victims obtain the compensation they deserve.

Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Drivers may not see a motorcycle on the road until it is too late. Even if your injuries are serious, there may be obstacles to receiving the compensation you need to recuperate after a car accident. Most of the time insurance companies benefit by paying as little as possible to motorcycle policyholders and motorcycle accident victims. Insurance companies commonly try to blame the motorbike rider for the accident. It is important that before accepting an offer given by an insurance company, you first contact an experienced attorney. 

Our team at Guerra Law Firm is ready to serve our clients who have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Our team can assist you in filing a motorcycle accident claim to seek compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Wages lost
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At the same time, we can help you analyze your claim and then advise you on the legal solutions that would be profitable to you. And finally, we may deal with the insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you receive the most significant compensation for your motorbike accident claim. 

Motorcycle Accidents-Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

There are various reasons for motorcycle accidents, but the most prevalent cause is human mistakes. Negligence on the part of other cars on the road might result in a devastating injury for the biker.

  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Dangerous weather
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Failure to surrender
  • Flaws
  • Ignoring red lights or stop signs
  • Speeding
  • Turns to the left
  • Unexpected halts
  • Unsafe lane changes
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