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The definition of marriage is a formal union and social and legal compact between two persons that legally, economically, binds their lives together. The contractual marriage agreement often means that the couple has legal duties for the rest of their lives or until they divorce. At the same time, when it comes to immigration, marriage is a way in which a spouse can gain permanent status in the U.S.

How can you get permanent status or a green card?

In order to get permanent status in the U.S., you will need to marry a U.S. citizen or have U.S. citizen’s children over the age of 21. These two scenarios will allow your family members to petition you before immigration courts to grant you legal status. However, these are not always the cases. If you have immediate family members that are U.S. citizens, but he or she entered the country illegally then more than likely the petition will take longer and it requires a more complex case.

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What happens after an immediate family member petitions me?

After your petition is accepted by (USCIS) United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, you will be given your residence in the U.S. By having a green card or residence you will be able to enjoy many benefits including the following:

  • Be able to travel out of the U.S. for a determined amount of months.
  • Obtain a work permit.
  • Get a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • Be able to travel within the U.S. 

After having your residence for a few years as well as living in the U.S., you will be able to request citizenship and go through the naturalization process. 

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