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Our attorneys understand the severity of guardianship cases, therefore we take them very seriously. Guardianship is given to a particular adult so that the adult becomes the main caregiver of a child. Qualifying guardians must show their capacity to take care of another person, whether it is financially or stability-wise. If the court does not authorize guardianship, some departures from the law can result in lost expenditure and time.

If given guardian responsibilities, the guardian more than likely will have authority over the child or children’s personal concerns, such as housing, medical, health, and educational decisions. At the same time, the guardian may have authority over the child/children’s property and finances if they have any. Most of the time Guardianship is granted to family members, but if there are no family members alive at the time, then other people may qualify.

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It is important that in guardianship-related cases you hire an attorney who has the expertise to tackle these kinds of cases. At Guerra Law Firm, we can ensure that all obligations under the Texas Estates Code are met. Be mindful that guardianship is a legal relationship established and overseen by a court that transfers legal rights from one person (the ward) to another (the guardian). For incompetent adults in Texas, guardianship is virtually always requested. Legal incapacity refers to a person who, due to a physical or mental condition, is significantly unable to provide the following needs:

    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Shelter
    • To care for one’s own physical health
    • To handle one’s own personal finances
  • If you believe your loved one needs a Guardianship, consult with an expert Guardianship Attorney to discuss the next steps. Get the help from expert and experienced attorneys today!

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