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Many families have a loved one with an intellectual or developmental handicap or a loved one who sometimes cannot make personal and financial decisions including children. In such instances, guardianship may be required.

What Exactly Is Guardianship?

Obtaining the legal ability to make choices for another person is referred to as guardianship. A “guardian” is someone appointed by the court to make decisions on someone else’s behalf. 

Why Might a Guardianship Be Necessary?

In most cases, parents have the legal authority to make decisions for their children, while adults can make decisions for themselves. Sometimes this is not feasible, and someone else must step in to care for a youngster or an adult.
Guardianship may be necessary if neither parent is able to care for the child/children. If the kid inherits assets, an estate guardian may be required (life insurance or cash accounts). This safeguards the assets until the kid becomes an adult, 21 and over.

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Guardianship Attorney in San Marcos-Different Kinds Of Guardianship

Full Guardianships:

These guardianships provide the guardian with complete decision-making authority over the ward in circumstances where the ward cannot make personal, financial, or healthcare decisions.

Limited Guardianships:

These guardianships are issued by the court when the ward can make some of their own decisions about their care but need the support of a guardian in making more complex decisions regarding money, healthcare, or life changes.


These guardianships are awarded when the court chooses two guardians to decide on behalf of one ward. This helps to avoid any misuse of authority by one of the guardians.

Short-Term or Temporary Guardianships:

The court may issue a temporary guardianship when the ward is in an emergency or is temporarily unable to make choices on their behalf.

Guardianship of an Estate:

The guardian is largely responsible for supervising, administering, and making financial choices on behalf of the ward.

Guardian Ad Litem:

The court appointed a guardian to represent the ward’s interests in judicial proceedings.

What Does A Guardianship Attorney Do?

Guardianship Attorney in San Marcos-An expert and well-versed attorney can evaluate which sort of guardianship is most suited for your case. Guardianship Attorneys can submit the guardianship petition, explain the guardian’s obligations, and help the guardian with the yearly accountings needed by the court. Guardianship Attorneys can also help represent a guardian’s interests in court and other related concerns, such as submitting a petition to enhance the guardian’s powers or preserving assets so that the individual in need of a guardian retains eligibility for government assistance. Most significantly, whether the guardianship arrangement is in the kid’s best interests will be established.
If you ask for guardianship, you will need to gather evidence to show to the court to make the decision. Our team at Guerra Law Firm can assist you in all stages of the procedure, including assessing what type of evidence will be most beneficial to your case. At the same time, we can verify that the legal procedure for gaining guardianship is legal and proper.

Do I Need a Guardianship Attorney?

If you want to be appointed as a ward’s guardian, you should speak with a qualified and well-versed family lawyer as soon as possible. When your legal challenges and circumstances are considered, our team can choose the appropriate course of action. Furthermore, we can guarantee that the aforementioned legal process runs as smoothly as possible.

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