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DWI Related Accidents in Three Rivers-The state of Texas is extremely harsh on people accused of drunk while intoxicated. However, when you are innocent, it is extremely important to fight back to plead not guilty. Additionally, this is because it can cost you a lot of money in fines, possible jail time, and getting your driving license suspended. Our DWI attorneys at Guerra Law understand the Texas court system and how the law works. A DWI-related accidents attorney understands how to perform a thorough investigation to ensure that our client’s rights are safeguarded. Our team will go over every relevant aspect of your case in order to build you the best defense possible. 

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DWI Related Accidents in Three Rivers-Our team at Guerra Law Firm can help you dispute all of the evidence utilized by the prosecution in your DWI case. Keep in mind that before entering your not-guilty plea, you should consult with a tough-minded defense attorney who will fight for your rights. A DWI charge can have far-reaching consequences in many areas of your life. It’s not only a license suspension or hefty fines to be concerned about. Furthermore, you may face much higher insurance plans, and maybe job loss (particularly if your job involves driving). With so much at risk, it’s critical to understand your rights and have an attorney on your side who understands how to safeguard those rights.

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