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DUI/DWI Accidents Attorney in Pearsall-DUI refers to “Driving under the influence,” while DWI refers to “Driving while intoxicated.” Some people might confuse both terminologies, but both actually hold different charges and penalties.
DWI is a serious issue and can severely impact your driving license and even your criminal record. If you have been charged with DWI or DUI offenses, hiring a qualified and skilled DWI attorney is the best of your interest. Guerra Law Firm understands the gravity of the concept and offers you experienced attorneys that pave a path for you to get done with minimum penalties. Reducing your charges and keeping penalties at bay is what makes our DWI attorneys the best out there.

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DWI Defenses In Texas

DUI/DWI Accidents Attorney in Pearsall-According to the law, there are heavy penalties for DWI offenses. If you have BAC above 0.08, then there are high chances of getting charged above $1000, 180 days in jail, and suspension of driving license for a year. The early mentioned penalties are only for the first time encounter and can drastically move towards the worst next time. Guerra Law The firm, however, holds the wisest and most highly qualified attorneys that can leverage DWI defenses to reduce your charges and penalties. Different DWI defenses in Texas might offer you help, depending on your case. Some of the common ones include the following;

· Improper stop indicates the technical problem with your vehicle that can cause
problems while driving and cause accidents.
· Improper evidence handling indicates that the police mishandle your blood sample
or BAC measurement, and the court suspends it.
· Medical conditions indicate that police might misunderstand and get confused with
your medical conditions, including vertigo, crying, etc., with intoxication.
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