Fighting State and Federal Drug Convictions

Drug laws are tough. So is Manny Guerra.

If you have been arrested on state or federal drug charges in Hidalgo County, Texas, turn to Guerra Law Firm, P.C. We will work hard to successfully defend you and protect your future.

Our clients are good people who have found themselves in trouble with the law. We will fight for your future so you can move forward from a drug crimes accusation.

Timing is very important in drug cases. As soon as you know you are under investigation, call our office in McAllen: 956-618-2557. Your first meeting with Manny Guerra is free.

Dedicated Attorney Representation

Whether you face a marijuana possession offense or a federal charge for trafficking cocaine, you are our priority. Manny Guerra makes serious commitments to his clients, doing everything he can to get them the best results possible.

As your lawyer, Manny Guerra will dig into the details of your criminal case. A trial attorney, Manny Guerra believes the early bird gets the worm and preparation is critical. By investigating your arrest and examining how police or federal agents conducted themselves, he may uncover mistakes they made. When authorities make mistakes, this can mean evidence should be excluded.

Did the police have a reason to stop you? Did they have a warrant? Were the search and seizure legal? Was there a wiretap — was that legal? If the police violated your rights, we want to find out and get the charges dismissed.

Understanding All of Your Options

Manny Guerra will inform you of your options and let you make decisions, under his guidance, at every stage. Depending on the details of your case, we may try to get the charges dismissed or reduced. We might work to negotiate a deal in your favor, or we might want to fight for you in court.

As a trial attorney, Manny Guerra can take your case wherever it needs to go. You may have more options the sooner you involve a criminal defense attorney in your case. As soon as you know you are under investigation, we want you to call a good lawyer.

Let Us Provide You a Free Case Review

Call Manny Guerra and his team today: 956-618-2557. Or send us an email. We offer potential clients free, no-obligation initial consultations. Manny Guerra will sit down with you at his office in McAllen or in jail to review your case and answer your questions. Remember, it is important to put an experienced lawyer on your side early to protect your rights. Se habla español.

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