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Deportation and removal proceedings are among the most difficult immigration issues that someone could go through. Deportations may cause families to separate and change their lives dramatically. In essence, a deportee is placed in removal proceedings and must appear in Immigration Court before a judge to persuade the court of how and why they are entitled to relief from removal/deportation. At Guerra a Law Firm our goal is to keep our client’s best interests as a priority. 
Deportations of people already residing in the United States increased by about 25%, from 65,332 in 2016 to 81,603 in 2017. Immigrants are frequently strongly ingrained in their communities, with careers, families, homes, and a life built in the U.S. 

There are numerous significant reasons why an immigrant may face removal proceedings. These are some of the reasons why someone would face deportation:

  • Committing a Crime.
  • Document forgery.
  • Failure to comply with the Maintain Status or Terms of a Visa.
  • Infractions involving drugs.
  • Marriage forgery.

How can our Attorney help you with your deportation case?

The major goal of a removal proceeding will be to demonstrate that you have legal grounds to stay in the United States. If certain conditions are satisfied, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) authorizes immigration judges to waive the removal or deportation of immigrants.
A person, for example, can apply for political asylum to avoid deportation. Cancellation of removal is another option for lawful permanent residents (LPRs) with criminal convictions.
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Apply for a Status Change

In a select situation, someone put in removal proceedings may be entitled to apply for or amend status to become a lawful permanent resident through a petition from a relative who is already a citizen or green card holder (I-130).

Removal Cancellation and 212(C) Waivers

If you are a lawful permanent resident, you may be eligible for removal cancellation. Our attorneys may petition the court to stop deportation proceedings and enable you to maintain your green card.

Political Exile

Immigrants who have experienced or fear persecution because of their race, religious beliefs, citizenship, political opinions, or participation in a social group are eligible for political asylum.


The U-Visa is available to immigrant victims of violence who have been subjected to psychological or physical abuse and wish to collaborate with authorities in the investigation and prosecution of criminal conduct. The U visa prevents deportation and eventually leads to a green card.

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Attorneys For Deportation And Immigration

When confronted with the threat of deportation or an order for removal, it is critical to meet with a knowledgeable immigration attorney to discuss your circumstances. Our team can assist and give expertise in the removal processes by filing all paperwork and providing the necessary proof of the candidate’s credentials. Our team will investigate your immigration background and eligibility for any applicable immigration benefits. At the same time, we may assist you in presenting an application for the cancellation of deportation. We can do this by arguing that you are eligible for asylum because you have been subjected to or reasonably fear being subjected to persecution if you return to your native country. Additionally, we may request prosecutorial discretion, saying that the DHS should use prosecutorial discretion because of your good character, family, and other relationships, even though you have no legitimate entitlement to a green card.

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