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Do not hesitate to call Manny Guerra if you have been accused of a crime in Hidalgo County, Texas. Manny Guerra is an experienced defense lawyer who will sit down with you for free to help you understand your rights. We do not charge for your first consultation.

We know that facing a criminal charge is one of the most difficult things you will ever deal with. You do not know where to turn or what to do. The punishment for many crimes can change your life, leaving you with a criminal record that will hang a dark cloud over you. We can help.

Manny Guerra is a respected trial lawyer who has practiced law for over 20 years. He is a successful criminal defense attorney because he knows the law, works hard and he commits to his clients.

Criminal Defenses Offered

Guerra Law Firm, P.C., in McAllen defends people who are accused of:

There Is No Substitute for Being Prepared

Good people sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. We understand that. Whether you face a minor charge or a felony, our goal is to protect your future.

“I believe the early bird gets the worm. There is no substitute for bearing down, getting the facts and being able to show my clients in the best light possible. I have a duty to do that.” — Manny Guerra

We will take our duty to you very seriously and put in the time to help you understand your situation and prepare an aggressive defense. By investigating your arrest thoroughly, we may find grounds to get evidence dismissed. If this is not possible, we will still prepare to fight for you inside and outside of court as we aim to get the best results.

Let Us Help You, Start With a Free Consultation

Call us as soon as you know you are under investigation. The earlier we get involved, the better. Call 956-618-2557 or send us an email now to schedule a free consultation with Manny Guerra. We can meet with you at our office in McAllen or in jail to talk about your options. Se habla español.

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