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Traumatized With Battery Offense? Get Professionals Involved

Proceeding with your plan of living life peacefully could not be possible when you get charged with battery offenses. Legal action is the prime necessity to deal with the trauma and compensate for your hardship. Guerra Law Firm understands the desperate need for a well-trained professional attorney. Our experienced attorney can offer you all the professional help to deal with your financial hardship. It’s just for the financial compensation, but your pride and respect are the most precious to take the professional’s help without any delay.

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Pursue Compensation For Your Suffering

Battery is a criminal act that results in a harmful offense towards another person without their consent. Mostly Battery is linked and mixed with assault offenses and often leads to criminal proceedings. But unfortunately, a victim of Battery suffers the most in the form of trauma and financial aspect. To seek compensation for your suffering is your legal right. Our experienced attorney helps you by making the defendant guilty and facing the consequences and leads you to the path where you can demand financial compensation for their deed. With our secure and straightforward way of dealing, we are entrusted to offer reliable help without causing any burden for you.

Battery Attorney in Pearsall-Compensations That We Fight For!

Being offended by battery assault can be life-lasting for victims. We understand all the practical hardships you are facing. So far, we have helped hundreds of victims in their journey to seek justice and compensation for them. If you or your loved ones have been a victim, Guerra Law Firm’s experienced attorney help you gain different types of financial compensation, including;

• Income lost.
• Emotional distress.
• Pain and suffering.
• Reduced earning capacity.
• Past and future medical bills of injury.

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