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Whenever facing an assault or domestic violence charge, you need a criminal defense attorney specializing in these types of situations. Our attorneys have over a decade of experience defending and prevailing in assault cases. Don’t jeopardize your future by having an assault or domestic violence conviction on your record.

What Exactly Is Assault?

In a criminal law setting, an assault refers to the unlawful conduct of willfully putting another person in fear of offensive contact or physical injury. Although this definition is susceptible to vary according to the regulations of the jurisdiction hearing the case, the typical assault case is as follows:
The defendant must have sought to instill fear or consciousness in the victim. In contrast to the crime of battery, an unintentional act will not result in assault charges; it must be purposeful.

The victim’s belief in impending injury must be rational and produce an instant sensation of bodily risk. The belief must be more than a verbal threat and cannot predicate a future behavior (note some exceptions).

The defendant must demonstrate a current intent to injure or offend the victim by performing a bodily act.

Assault can take several forms, some of which are as follows:

  • Brandishing a dangerous or non-deadly weapon in such a way that the victim is likely to be stuck with it.
  • Impersonating the act of striking, punching, or kicking the victim.
  • Pointing a gun towards the victim, whether or not it is loaded.
  • Trying to spit on the victim.
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What Exactly Is Simple Assault?

Assault Attorney in San Marcos-Simple assault occurs when the victim is not injured but feels threatened or offended by the physical contact. Compared to other categories of assault and battery, it carries the most lenient sentence and is the least serious. 

What Exactly Is Aggravated Assault?

Aggravated assault has a more serious charge category and imposes harsher penalties than simple assault. A variety of conditions surrounding the crime, such as the degree of the violence or even the perpetrator’s state of mind, can exacerbate (or enhance/elevate) an assault offense.
Factors that elevate an assault prosecution to the aggravated level vary by state, with some requiring permanent harm or a significant danger of death. Aggravated attacks are frequently crimes, but minor assaults might be misdemeanors. The legal prosecution for Aggravated Assault can result in jail terms ranging from 2 to 20 years, or even life in prison in extreme situations. In addition, several states have different levels of criminal charges for aggravated assault.
Assault on a Particular Victim.
Assault to Kill or Be Cruel.
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon.

Get Expert Legal Assistance With Your Aggravated Assault Charges
Because aggravated assault encompasses such a broad variety of situations, a thorough study of the facts of your case is essential for constructing a winning defense. Our team is qualified to assist you in explaining the specifics of local assault legislation and examine your case’s circumstances for viable defenses.

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