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To deal with life after being offended by Assault could never be an easy job. From your mental health to your physical prospect, everything crumbled down. Putting your trust in an attorney becomes a nightmare for most victims. But to live that tough time like a person of the spine, you have to stand up for your own sanity. Guerra Law Firm accounts for deep understanding; hence, we offer the most reliable and professional attorney that you can depend on. We make it our prime deal to bring your mental peace back to you. All you have to do is build your courage, and we can take over from thereon.

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Most of the time, people get confused between Battery and Assault. To keep your mental sanity at the correct digits, you have to take action even at the threat of 5th-degree Assault. To ensure your safety, you can easily take the matter into your hand by contacting our lawyer at the concept of your help. Assault is a criminal act when a specific person tries to intimidate or threaten someone. Generally, people do not give much attention to the Assault offense due to the hectic procedure of involving a professional lawyer in the process. At Guerra Law Firm, we understand that your plate might already be full from other life crises. So we make the process reliable and instant for you.

Why Do You Have To Charge an Offender?

Experiencing Assault drastically impacts the mental well-being of the victim. To ensure safety, mostly assault victims go for emergency protective orders and temporary restraining orders. Our team at Guerra Law Firm is totally eager to help you with your struggle.

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