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We understand that being involved in an all-serious accident may be a distressing and overwhelming experience. At Guerra Law Firm, our injury lawyers manage all parts of the claims process. This allows our clients involved in all serious accidents to concentrate on their rehabilitation. As skilled and experienced Texas auto accident injury attorneys, we have successfully negotiated settlements and favorable verdicts for clients on many claims. Our attorneys are determined and willing to fight for our clients and start building their cases right away. Our expertise allows us to understand which methods to employ and what evidence can strengthen a case. Typically, an insurance company will make a low-ball settlement offer. However, our team knows how to properly negotiate with an insurance company. Filing deadlines, collecting the proper papers, and including all of the necessary information to file a claim might all seem daunting. At the same time, our team will manage all the paperwork, ensuring that everything is completely filled out and filed out on time. 

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All Serious Accidents in Three Rivers-There is numerous additional compensation you may want to consider obtaining depending on the severity of your accident which includes the following:

  • Medical cost
  • Damaged property
  • Lost income
  • Pain
  • Suffering

What do I do if I am involved in a serious accident?

Following any serious car accidents, you must not leave the scene of the accident unless you are seriously injured. Make sure you know your rights and do not admit to anything you didn’t do. Our team of attorneys will employ effective strategies to get the best result possible for your serious accident case.

If you have been involved in any kind of all serious accidents in Three Rivers, call the experts today for a free consultation. Let us help you with your case and get the compensation that you deserve.

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